Try these options:

• Verify that your Quadro card is firmly seated in the PCIE slot, and clean away any dust in the slot or on the card. 

• Verify that your processor and RAM are fully seated - you may have dislodged them when you while installing the Quadro card. 

• If there are other cards (network card, video capture card, another graphics card, etc.) in other slots, consider temporarily removing the other cards from their slots.

• Verify that your PC boots OK with a different graphics board inserted in place of the new Quadro graphics board.

• Install the latest BIOS update for your motherboard (Caution: Proceed at your own risk. PNY Technologies cannot be held responsible for problems arising from updating the motherboard BIOS).

• If your new graphics board requires supplemental power, please verify that supplemental power is properly connected. Further information is in the Quadro Power Guidelines document linked below: