Drivers for NVIDIA professional graphics cards will not install successfully on systems with Windows 10 RS2 or earlier.  Please run Windows Update, and install all available updates to your installation of Windows.  It may also help to update the chipset drivers for your motherboard, and to temporarily close applications running in the background, including your anti-malware.  It may help to try installing a different version of the driver.  Starting at the page linked below, NVIDIA has multiple driver versions available to download and install:

Official Advanced Driver Search | NVIDIA 

Download the driver file to your hard drive.  Then, close your web browser, and double-click the downloaded driver installation file.  "Go with the defaults" at first, but when it defaults to Express installation, change it to Custom installation.  On the page after that, add a check-mark to the option to "Perform a clean installation."

If you need further help, our Pro Graphics support line telephone number is 800-230-0130.