This issue may be UEFI-related.  All of our current NVIDIA professional graphics cards are UEFI compatible, and will work best in recently manufactured name-brand workstation-class systems and motherboards with UEFI boot enabled.  

You may need to check with your system manufacturer or motherboard manufacturer support representative for advice on the correct settings to use.  The relevant settings may include UEFI Boot, Secure Boot, and CSM (or Compatibility Mode or Legacy Mode).  

As a troubleshooting step, please consider trying your NVIDIA professional graphics board in a different PC. 

If the system is older, a BIOS update to the motherboard may be required to enable your PC to boot after inserting your new NVIDIA professional graphics board.  CAUTION: PNY cannot be responsible if a BIOS update fails to resolve this issue, or causes other issues, so it is best to have a support representative from the computer or motherboard manufacturer help you with a BIOS update. 

If you need further help, please call PNY Quadro Support at 800-230-0130.