Ground yourself, and examine your NVIDIA professional graphics board (but do not void the warranty by disassembling it). Find a bar code sticker with the PNY logo on it, and an 18-character alphanumeric string starting with the letter "P." This is the PNY serial number. A second character string starting with a "V" will identify the model. If there is no PNY bar code sticker affixed to your NVIDIA graphics board, look for a sticker with a company name on it (such as Dell, HP, or Lenovo). Or, look for a sticker with a character string starting with "CN" or "CT" or "FRU." These markings are found on OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) NVIDIA professional boards, which are NOT PNY products, and are NOT supported by PNY. If this NVIDIA graphics board was purchased pre-installed in a new Dell or HP or Lenovo computer, please contact that company for support. If you have and issue with an OEM NVIDIA graphics board that you purchased as a separate component, please contact the seller of the graphics card with your receipt or invoice at hand.